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La Città - quick rules

Construct the largest possible cities with the best features.


  • Buildings in 6 types
  • Each player gets 4 Castles, 4 citizens, his 3 action cards face up before himself, 1 gold piece, 1 overview card.
  • Shuffle the politics cards, openly display 7 cards.
  • Shuffle the voice-of-the-people cards and put the deck on board.
  • Determine the start player.
  • Shuffle the landscape tiles and put openly on board.
  • Clockwise all players place 1 Castle + 3 citizens, then counter-clockwise 1 Castle + 3 citizens, receiving food tokens as well per farm as indicated (large chips = 5 points)

Course of the Game

  1. Start player revolves clockwise (not in 1st round)
  2. Deal 4 of the voice-of-the-people cards face down with the 1st card face up
  3. Each player receives 1 gold piece per mountain (for quarries).
  4. In each city add 1 citizen to a max. 5 Citizens/city, 8 with market place, after that unlimited with well or bath house.
  5. 5 Political rounds, each player plays a card or an action card (but only four cards for player with starvation in last round)
    • Carry out action card: take one of these actions, then flip over card
      • Take 2 gold pieces or
      • Establish new city (max. 1 per game round) : Castle on free field with at least a 3 Field interval. Receives 1 citizen out of other Castle + 2 citizens from pool, food tokens per agriculture as well as indicated, or
      • Erect building with 0-1 arches: may not connect to another city!, place there 1 surplus citizen from Castle, well/bath only at water, food token for farm per agriculture as well as indicated, extra citizen received for market place
    • Take politics card: carry out immediately, flip over, supplement. Take forbidden if execution not possible. Colored citizens designate rich harvest and bread & circuses. Rich harvest not in the 6th game year
  6. Reveal voice-of-the-people cards: majority is the citizens' wish, if tied: city owner chooses for each city
  7. Migration of citizens in player sequence
    • 1 citizens comes to your city from neighbors within 3 spaces if yours is better in the area of the citizens' wish and if you do not exceed your population limits (i.e. due to marketplace and water)
    • Dismantle empty buildings from outside in, give up food tokens for lost farms
  8. Per player for each not colored citizen, a food token must be available, otherwise a citizen starves (dies)
  9. Unpopulated buildings are removed from the board
  10. Discard consumed politics cards (re-shuffle if exhausted), turn up action cards, colored citizens removed

End of the Game

  • The game ends after 6 rounds (game years)
  • Schedule:
    • 1 Point per citizen
    • 3 Bonus points per city with all 3 types of features.
    • -5 points for starvation in last game year
  • the player with most points wins, if tied, the one with the gold majority

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